2019 Wilburn Fellows Named

Published Wednesday, May 29, 2019
by Nick Depuy


The Wilburn Fellowship has completed its 8th year of service and motivation to New Canaan students.

As has always been the case, nine talented students submitted five projects to the Committee for its consideration.

Delaney Smith and Kiera Mastey for their project Building Bridges Through STEN was chosen as a Semi-Finalist, while Griffen Dayton for his project Building Our Communities Through STEM and Theo Kammerer and Peter Heron for their project, Breaking the Bubble were chosen as this year’s Finalists.

After submission of those projects to the Committee, and while all were incredibly well done, the Committee determined that Theo and Peter’s project, Breaking the Bubble, dealing with the issues and challenges of immigration via a documentary film that will soon be part of a more comprehensive website with social media outreach, entitled them to be named 2019 Wilburn Fellows. Congratulations.

However the Committee also felt that Griffen Dayton’s project Building Our Communities Through STEM has great relevance and important, and as such an additional stipend has been awarded to him so that he can continue his great work.

The Committee couldn’t be happier with the increasingly impressive projects that students from New Canaan High School are submitting to the Fellowship for its consideration, all a great testament to the legacy of Reverend Gary Wilburn who believed in the need to bring people of difference together, such that our differences can not only be understood, but embraced and celebrated.

Many thanks from the Committee to the students who participated, and to New Canaan High School for its commitment to the Fellowship’s Mission.