2013 Wilburn Fellow Named

Published Saturday, October 5, 2013
by Nick Depuy

The second year for the Wilburn Fellowship at New Canaan High School came to a successful close at its Awards Assembly held Monday, June 10, 2013.

The Assembly was attended by the applicants, including the semifinalists and finalists, teachers, department heads, school officials and several members of the community interested in the legacy of Reverend Gary Wilburn that the Fellowship celebrates.

Special guests recognized at the Assembly once again included Reverend Wilburn’s widow, Bev Wilburn and her son, Sean, both traveling from California to be present for the Awards Presentation to honor this year’s participants.

All of the 2013 applicants (this year 15 in total and double the number of applicants from the Fellowship’s 2012 inaugural year) were awarded certificates of participation.

After the students chosen as semifinalists and finalists were recognized, the Assembly culminated with the naming of the 2013 Wilburn Fellow, Sam Kramer, for the submission of his in-depth and insightful research project, “Religious Peace In The Muslim World…A Historical Validation”. His analysis includes a compelling historical review of ancient Middle Eastern civilizations’ support of pluralism, with lessons drawn and solutions presented for today’s Middle East strife.

Mr. Kramer’s work can be read by clicking on the following LINK, and a video of the awards presentation shot and edited by the Fellowship student advisor, Charlie Hoffman, can be viewed by clicking on HERE.

Mr. Kramer, since publishing his winning 2013 Wilburn Fellowship research paper, has submitted a summary for inclusion in a future edition of the New Canaan Advertiser, and he will be making a presentation of his thesis following the 10am World Communion service at the First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan on Sunday, October 6.

The Fellowship Committee could not be more pleased with the outcome of the 2013 program and the enthusiasm it generated at the New Canaan High School, and it looks forward to the 2014 Wilburn Fellowship in the new school year, with programs to not only continue at New Canaan High School, but to be initiated at Staples High School in Westport and Trinity Catholic High School in Stamford.