Wilburn Fellowship Finalists

Published Sunday, April 22, 2012 6:00 pm
by Nick Depuy

In its inaugural year, the Wilburn Fellowship received eight well qualified applications for consideration for the 2012 Wilburn Fellowship Award. Although all eight applications had great merit, three were chosen as Finalists on the basis that they best embodied and promoted the mission of the Fellowship. The three Finalists will each receive a $1000 stipend and are asked to complete their respective projects from which the Fellowship Committee will have the difficult chore of choosing the first ever Wilburn Fellow , honoring the  legacy of Reverand Gary Wilburn who believed deeply in the beauty and value of our human differences.  

The three  Finalists include one team of three who are engaged in a multi nation effort to bring knowledge of different cultures together through video exchange. Another individual is developing new educational approaches using volunteers to impact and be impacted by those in need in Ghana. The third Finalist is presenting the many ways and whys different  cultures prepare the simplest of dishes, the sandwich , and what all can learn from each other as a result.

Two other applicants , though not chosen as finalists , are to be given smaller stipends to encourage the applicants to complete their projects nonethelesss, and all applicants will be recognized by being awarded Certificates of Participation . The underclassmen who applied but were not chosen, are  encouraged to apply next school year for the 2013 Awards.