Global Viewpoint

Solo or Team : Individual

Member1 Name : Stephen Mettler

Member1 Grade : Senior

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ProjectName : Global Viewpoint

ProjectFormat : Research Based

Project Summary :

Global Viewpoint is a Moodle-based website. Its goal is to serve as a simple, accessible, and open platform for communication between students in NCHS, Pakistan, and Colombia, and hopefully more countries if the project works successfully. It has already been fully built, and we are currently in the stage of signing students up. (We have been waiting to begin full communication until the main deadlines for applying to US colleges were past, because all NCHS seniors and many of our international friends were extremely pressed for time due to this process and would not be able to participate fully until it finished). ProjectMission : Global Viewpoint’s goal is to allow high school students across the world to communicate, so that they can better understand each others’ countries, their own, and the world by seeing each from multiple points of view. Even the most loyal student of international relations does not get the full picture if they are only studying the world from their point of view, rooted in their own country. The opportunity to speak with high school students in other countries is an eye-opening experience; I personally am incredibly grateful that I have had the opportunity to do so, and now I hope that I can extend that opportunity to other students.

Funding Q : Yes

Funding Detail : 1 year of website service using the educational software program Moodle costs $99.

Continuing Study : 

My hope is that this project will become a lasting opportunity for NCHS students, which will continue to run after I’ve graduated. I believe that it is hugely important for high school students, especially in the United States, to increase their understanding of each other, and themselves, by communication with kids their age from other parts of the world. This is a part of our education which unfortunately NCHS has not been able to provide yet, and my hope is that Global Viewpoint will be able to bridge this gap. My goal is, when I graduate, to hand off management of the website to a member of the next senior class who is dedicated to the project and its goals, so that this opportunity will remain available to NCHS students for years to come.