NCHS Girls Govern Global Media

Solo or Team : Team
Member1 Name : Sydney Kend
Member1 Grade : Junior
Member1 ID : 184028
Member1 email :
Member1 phone : 
Member2 Name : Abigail Weiss
Member2 Grade : Junior
Member2 ID : 184001
Member2 email :
Member2 phone :
Member3 Name : Nicole Weiss
Member3 Grade : Junior
Member3 ID : 184002
Member3 email :
Member3 phone : 
ProjectName : NCHS Girls Govern Global Media
ProjectFormat : Performing or Fine Arts
ProjectSummary : NCHS Girls Govern Global Media presents and advocates for feminism through various forms of multimedia and art. Whether its an informational video on sexual harassment or a series of photos promoting female empowerment, the website of NCHS Girls Govern Global Media encourages and encompasses feminism for women and girls of all ages.
ProjectMission : This project brings in the aspect of differences of gender, specifically the hardships women face today as is. Additionally, the multimedia focuses on feminism and how to combat that fully present sexism in our and intentional societies. In recent multimedia projects, we contacted girls from all over the globe to discuss feminism in diverse areas, from Saudi Arabia to the United Kingdom. Despite any differences the human race may face, we hope that our project will overcome such ideals to unite over feminism.
FundingQ : Yes
FundingDetail : For the sake of camera/multimedia equipment and to seek out connections to other feminists clubs throughout the international community, $500-750 would ideally be raised. If given the honor to become a finalist, all funds would solely go towards equipment for multimedia and communications with other feminist clubs.
ContinuingStudy : Even after the fellowship ends, we hope to carry on the basic feminist ideologies for years to come. Our hopes for this multimedia group would be to create more multimedia projects and to respond to appropriate situations. We will continue to use media to spread the word about sexism because we know how influential it is on people’s daily lives. We want to keep the Girls Govern Global Media club running in our school so that we can spread awareness about the organization and address this important issue by completing more projects.


January 8, 2017 – 10:52 pm