2013 Applicants

Religious Peace In The Muslim World…A Historical Validation

Samuel Kramer 

2013 Wilburn Fellow


The Concert

Katherine Brickley, Caroline Brickley, and Kylie Khoo



A Link Masked By Conflict In The Middle East

Charlie Lenihan, Michael Popper, and Shaan Appel



The Trickster Diaries

Alexandra Cohen and Alexandra Kudrzyski


A Better Chance Host Family

Michael Donnelly and Christopher Andrews


The Color of Noise

Emily Azzarito 


Serendipitous Similarities

Nicole Rutkowski and Katie Perry


Limitless Ladies

Rachel Guth and Annie Ludtke


Global Viewpoint

Stephen Mettler 


Selective Buddies

Grace Stryker


The Roots of Change

Finley Walker 


Throughout The Years Of Fashion

Emma Grayson


Unity Through Food

Madison Yancy and Elizabeth Perry